Episode 00

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The World Meets Meatless Meats

Episode 01

In recent years, plant-based diets have been some of the fastest growing food trends. There are many reasons why people might choose not to eat meat — be it for moral convictions or environmental or health concerns. In today’s episode we are going to introduce you to an exciting innovation that could potentially address all three problems: clean meat. Clean meat is grown from animal cells without the need to slaughter or raise animals. Sounds exciting, right? Take a listen to find out all about the benefits and challenges of this groundbreaking innovation... 

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A Simple Solution to Air Pollution

Episode 02

Air indoors can be several times more polluted than air outside, causing allergies and asthma, affecting concentration and sleep quality, and much more, with lasting consequences. Unfortunately, this pollution is invisible to the naked eye. How bad is it? Can we do something about it? In this episode, we discuss the impacts of poor indoor air quality on health, how entrepreneurs have developed affordable indoor air quality monitors that give us access to information about air quality in real time, and how this information can help us protect our health...