Eat Your Trash: Rethinking Plastic

Episode 03

Plastic has quickly become a staple in our lives. We never could have foreseen the disastrous effects that it's having on our home today. By 2050 it’s predicted that the ocean will have more plastic by weight than fish! But some innovative companies have begun to look for new alternatives: What if we no longer needed plastic at all? What if we could eat our trash? In this episode we explore how we can reuse, reduce, recycle, and redesign our plastic waste...

The Green Wine Puzzle

Episode 04

While the market for organic produce is booming, organic wine is lagging behind. Why do US consumers shy away from organic wine? And why don’t most organic wineries advertise their hard-earned eco-certification on their bottles? This is the organic wine puzzle. Listen in to hear about the organic wine process, how wineries and wine experts think it leads not only to a greener environment but even to higher quality wine, and what one innovative winery is bringing to the table: wine without the vine.